Monday, September 12, 2011

Pt Reyes (Sept 11 2011)

As a last minute warm-up before heading off to Mt Whitney, a few us decided to have an overnight camping trip to Pt Reyes. We planned about 11 miles on Sunday, then a quick 6 miles back Monday morning and make it back to work by noon.

Only JY, NJ, and myself ended up on the trip. Everyone else bailed or no-showed. To make it worse, NJ was at the tail end of a bad cold and JY was a few days into his cold and looked miserable. The fog lingered much longer than normal, so the hike along Skyline trail was basically drizzle conditions from the fog condensing and dripping from the trees, so we were all soaked for at least half the hike. After a nice morning hike we made it to Arch Rock, threw off our 20-30 pound packs and decided to relax. JY pretty much fell asleep as soon as he sat down and NJ and myself decided to the explore the beach below Arch Rock. I've hiked here a dozen times before before never actually got to see the "arch" in Arch Rock until now. The creek that follows the trail to the ocean actually cut a tunnel through the rock outcrop. It's quite cool.

After our 45 minutes of playing, NJ started pressuring JY to head back home. From Arch Rock it was 4 miles to the camp site or 4 miles back to the car. JY didn't look good and really should be back in bed recovering before we go to Whitney at the end of the week. After a bit more discussion, we decided we would all head back and grab a dinner in Pt Reyes Station.

When I got home I was beat. That hike was the heaviest load yet I've put in my pack. I didn't try to pack light as I wanted to see how much I could take. It surprised me how much stress a heavy pack puts on your legs and feet. That trip should have been easy for me in my current shape, but it wore me out. For Whitney I will definitely get my pack weight down.

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