Thursday, December 10, 2015

Adam Ruins Cars

Last night I caught Episode 3 Season 1 of Adam Ruins Everything. On this episode, he ruins cars. Quite a fascinating episode and I found it interesting how almost everything he said is wrong with cars can be fixed with my future vision as outlined in my previous post.

1. We're stuck with a dealer model for buying cars. No online shopping or direct buying from the manufacturer. In my vision, car ownership is dead and we just get rides in them.

2. Insurance is an issue, but when cars become autonomous and they are no longer owned by individuals, we will no longer need car insurance.

3. Our cities and towns are turning into parking lots. Well, without car ownership, an autonomous vehicle shows up in front of your house and takes you to your destination. It then drives off to give the next person a ride. Parking lots will be a thing of the past and we get to reclaim our cities.

These are just a few points I wanted to mention. But really, everyone should be watching Adam Ruins Everything. Great TV show.

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