Sunday, August 14, 2011

Castle Peak (July 2011)

The second week in July I decided to head up to Castle Peak for a quick day hike. I've been here a number of times before and new the hike quite well. I even wrote a guide for it on Everytrail. The hike is at the Boreal exit, one exit west of Donner Lake.

Due to the late winter, I expected a few patches of snow, but when I arrived, there was snow everywhere. In fact, I missed some turns in the trail a few times and even started in the wrong direction. I soon figured out the mistake, but instead of backtracking, I thought I'd hike parallel to the trail and catch up to it a few miles later. My off trail excursion soon put me on a gnarly slope which became quite treacherous in the snow. I soon made it back to the trail and headed up to the ridge that would take me to Castle Peak. I made it about half up to the Summit when I decided I was too tired and headed back home. Slogging through the snow had worn me out completely. I actually had snowshoes in my car and about halfway through the trip I wish I had brought them.

On this trip I also made another time lapse video of the hike.

Snow everywhere!

Halfway up the ridge to the Summit.

View of Castle Peak from the other side of the valley.

GPS track on Everytrail

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