Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Little Lakes Valley (Aug 24, 2011)

Today I finally got to properly hike Little Lakes Valley. I've been wanting to hike this for awhile, and earlier this year I tried to (Rock Creek Camping) but there was too much snow.

The hike follows the Rock Creek up the canyon from one lake to the next. It has a gradual ascent that makes it an easy hike with the only steep ascent right at the end at Morgan's Pass, which can be considered optional, to be honest. I did go up and over Morgan's Pass because I just had to know what was on the other side. Rocks, btw. Lots of rocks.

There isn't much to say about this hike that isn't obvious in the photos. The lakes and mountains are gorgeous. The only thing I'd make note of is the path doesn't get very close to Chickenfoot Lake so you need to go off trail to see it, and it is a very nice lake. Worth hunting for. (Actually, there is a sign pointing to it, but the side trail wanders all over the place. I ended up using my GPS's map to make my own way to the lake. Oh, if you go off trail, try and walk on the rocks, not the wild flowers!)

This hike did continue to be a test for me on hiking at altitude. So far I've had no scary problems like headaches, but on this hike and my previous hikes on this trip, I've really gotten short of breath when my heart rate goes up on the steep sections and when I push too far I feel like passing out! I'm learning to really pace myself and stop often whenever I feel the heart rate increase. I'd like to blame it all on living at sea level, but I'm sure it comes down to being out of shape.

All of the photos from this trip are on Smugmug.

The GPS Track is on Everytrail.

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