Friday, August 12, 2011

Grand Canyon National Park (May 2011)

After my trip to Havasupai, I drove 3 to 4 hours to the Grand Canyon and checked into my hotel. I was tired, sore, and very dirty, so a soak in the bath was called for.

The following day I drove to the park and got to see the Grand Canyon for the first time. Oddly, I wasn't impressed as most people say they are. I think I've grown up hearing how big it was that it no longer seemed so large. It could also be that I've been to Canyonlands National Park in Utah, which in my opinion, is every much as impressive as the Grand Canyon. Maybe more impressive.

Unless you have hiking or camping plans, there isn't much to do. This didn't bother me as I only had a day to spend. When I arrived, a ranger program was starting. It lasted an hour and I found it quite interesting and gave me a great impression of the park. I then got in the car drove the road that follows the rim. It's littered with pull offs--each one giving a new view or perspective of the canyon. The trip along the rim also gave me some great opportunities to play with my new 400mm and 2x adapter. I've included a shot or two below showing off the full 800mm potential of my lens combination.

The following day it was time to head home. The full set of photos from my trip can be seen on SmugMug and I've selected a small sampling here:

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